Updated 01=May-2021
Welcome to the 2021 Cheshire Summer Leagues
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Barebow Division 1 Barebow Division 2 Greenbank Barebow Wirral Golden Strings Bebington Barebow New Century Barebow Alsager Goldcrest Barebow Stalybridge Barebow Winnington Park Barebow CCB Barebow BYE BYE BYE Compound Division 1 Compound Division 2 Compound Division 3 Bebington Compound New Century Compound A New Century Compound B Wirral Golden Release CCB Compound Neston COA Stalybridge Compound Caldy Compound Warrington Compound A Alsager Greenbank Compound Winnington Park Compound North Cheshire Compound Goldcrest BYE BYE BYE BYE Longbow Division 1 Longbow Division 2 Stalybridge Longbow A Stalybridge Longbow B New Century Longbow Winnington Park Longbow Greenbank Longbow The Longbow Club CCB Longbow Wirral Golden Feathers Goldcrest Longbow BYE BYE BYE Recurve Division 1 Recurve Division 2 Bebington Recurve A Bebington Recurve B Stalybridge Recurve A Winnington Park Recurve Greenbank Recurve CCB Recurve North Cheshire Recurve Wirral Golden Tabs Alsager A Warrington Recurve A BYE BYE Recurve Division 3 Recurve Division 4 Stalybridge Recurve B New Century Recurve B Goldcrest Recurve A Goldcrest Recurve B Caldy Recurve A Warrington Recurve B New Century Recurve A Caldy Recurve B Alsager B BYE BYE BYE