Updated 21-Apr-2019
Welcome to the 2018/2019 Cheshire Winter Leagues
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COMPOUND DIVISIONS                             Compound Division 1       Compound Division 2       Compound Division 3     Alsager       Cheshire County Bowmen       Warrington     New Century A       Wirral Compound       North Cheshire B     Bruntwood A       Neston A       Caldy Compound B     Greenbank       Stalybridge AC       Bruntwood B     North Cheshire A       City of Chester Archers A       Winnington Compound     Bebington Compound       Caldy Compound A       Neston B                           LONGBOW DIVISIONS                             Longbow Division 1       Longbow Division 2       Longbow Division 3     The Longbow Club A       Stalybridge AC B       North Cheshire B      Stalybridge AC A       Cheshire County Bowmen       Stalybridge AC C     North Cheshire A       The Longbow Club B       ClubAZ     Bebington Longbow       Goldcrest A       Bruntwood B     New Century A       Bruntwood A       The Longbow Club C     Greenbank       Wirral Longbow       Winnington Longbow                           RECURVE DIVISIONS                                         Recurve Division 1       Recurve Division 2       Recurve  Division 3     Bruntwood A       Goldcrest B       Greenbank     New Century A       Winnington Recurve A       New Century B     Stalybridge AC A       Bruntwood B       City of Chester Archers A     Goldcrest A       Cheshire County Bowmen       Goldcrest C     Alsager A       North Cheshire B       ClubAZ     North Cheshire A       Wirral Recurve A       Bebington Recurve A                     Recurve Division 4       Recurve Division 5       Recurve Division 6     Alsager B       Bruntwood C       North Cheshire C     Stalybridge AC B       Bebington Recurve B       City of Chester Archers B     Wirral Recurve B       Neston       Caldy Recurve B     Winnington Recurve B       Stalybridge AC C       Alsager D     Caldy Recurve A       Alsager C       Warrington C     Warrington A       Warrington B       BYE                   RECURVE BAREBOW  DIVISIONS                                       Recurve Barebow  Division 1       Recurve Barebow Division 2             Cheshire County Bowmen       Winnington Barebow             Bebington Barebow       City of Chester Archers A             New Century A       Greenbank             Stalybridge AC       Bruntwood             Alsager       BYE             BYE       BYE